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Dental Tourism

Cyprus is fast emerging as one of the top dental tourism destinations in the world. Every year thousands of people from all parts of the globe including UK, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Europe etc travel to Cyprus for low cost but world class dental treatment. Apart from costs of dental treatment medical tourists find Northern Cyprus very attractive country to travel.

North Cyprus is rich in cultural and has some beautiful places to visit including world class beaches, mountains, hill stations, historical monuments, forts, temples and churches. Medical care quality in Cyprus has seen a tremendous growth in recent years. Most of the private clinics and hospitals have staff educated, trained and have experience of dental work in countries like US & UK. World class dental treatment with 70% savings and a great holiday this all you can get in one country – CYPRUS.

Enjoy your holidays in North Cyprus to the fullest.

North Cyprus Cuisine

The wide range of Northern Cyprus dishes range from delicious kebabs to mouthwatering appetizers and desserts.

Peach kebab is a local type of kebab made from lamb, while halloumi is traditionally made from sheep and goat's milk and is often served as a grill. Pilavuna, a pastry, are just a few of them.



The favorite flavor among Cypriot dishes is of course halloumi.

Cyprus will not be without a hell. Halloumi cheese that not everybody who goes to Cyprus returns without taking it, does not pass without tasting it ...

Its salad, grill, pouring olive oil on it and eating it, in short, every aspect is good. When you grill the halloumi made with sheep and goat milk and eat it, you will find a legendary taste.

You can find halloumi in many Cypriot restaurants or you can get enough of this flavor at home by purchasing it from the markets.

Peach Kebab

seftali kebabi

If there is a legendary flavor among Cypriot dishes, it is the peach kebab. Peach kebab, one of the indispensable flavors of Cyprus, is made with goat or mutton meat.

Peach kebab, named after Chef Ali, is filled with parsley and spices. After they are turned into meatballs, they are grilled and served with garnishes.

The most important feature of the peach kebab is that the animal is wrapped in tallow called terp and cooked on coal.

Don't get me wrong, there are no peaches in it :)

Cube Kebab (Thief's Kebab)

kup keababi

Introducing another delicious Cypriot dish. Its name is cube kebab. Or the thief's kebab.

Let's start with the story of this name first. Once, in times of poverty in Cyprus, sheep stolen from the flocks of the rich were cooked. The skins of these stolen sheep were buried under the ground. Meat was also cooked in the pit opened to the ground. So that the meat is not noticed. That's why the name of the kebab is called thief or cube kebab.

Let's get to the preparation of our kebab ...

The cubed kebab made with lamb is very delicious. Boiled or grilled sweet potato is placed next to it.



You can come across with halloumi at breakfast, five o'clock tea and even everywhere. Halloumi, a cake or pastry style food, contains the famous halloumi cheese and onion. It is served with sesame or black seed sprinkled on it.

As you can guess, the type prepared like halloumi and containing olives is olives.

Walnut Paste

ceviz macunu

Although it is not exactly a meal, walnut paste should definitely be included in Cyprus cuisine.

Walnut paste, a treat in Cyprus, best suits Turkish coffee.

Walnut paste, which is not easy to make, is one of the tastes to be bought from Cyprus.



Çakıstez, which is a whole with Cypriot food, is also very famous here. No matter which restaurant you go to, you will come across Çakıstez. Consumed as an appetizer, Çakıstez is made with crushed green olives and crushed walnuts. If you observe the olives in Cyprus, you will see that the color turns yellow. Because a short period of time is used to pickle green olives in Cyprus. Therefore, olives are taken out of the brine when they are in a light, semi-pickled consistency. In the meantime, let me also mention that in some places the pincers are pickled using sea water.

I list the local dishes of Cyprus for you item by item. Some of these dishes may not be found in restaurants. Generally, these meals are prepared at home. But if you come across, I suggest you definitely check their taste.


This dish is made with the plant named after the molehiya plant grown in Cyprus. It is cooked with lamb or chicken. It is served with pickles and rice.


It is exactly Cypriot ravioli. The only difference is that while meat is added to ravioli as we know it, pirohu is put with potato or nor (curd cheese is called nor here) cheese.


If any of you love grape pudding, let it taste the paluzen in Cyprus. Paluze, made from red grapes and filled with almonds, is one of the best-known tastes of Cyprus.


The name of the asparagus is different here. Ayrelli dish is also made with asparagus. Eggs are crushed and lemon is squeezed.


Culture & Art


The community life of Northern Cyprus is very colorful like its traditions, customs, customs and social life as its natural beauties. Social ceremonies such as weddings, circumcision feasts, family relationships, and families get together and participate in various activities are very important. The sense of social solidarity is very high. One of the most characteristic features of the Turkish Cypriot Community is “Hospitality”, which is the traditional Turkish hospitality known all over the world. The most senior and oldest of the guests is the most respected person and is hosted in a way that the whole society values. Coffee catering culture is very developed. Even when you enter an unfamiliar environment, a coffee is always served. Catering and hospitality are the most prominent features of daily life in Northern Cyprus.

Ice-cold sherbets, which are carefully prepared from citrus fruits such as lemon and tangerine in the season, are served to guests on the balconies, porches or gardens of the houses on hot days of summer. Pastes are also among the top treats for guests. The presentation and presentation of pastes, each more beautiful than the other and tasteful, requires a special ceremony. Walnut paste is the most precious treat. It is served in a small bowl with small forks and a glass of water.

Walnut, watermelon, bergamot, fig, pumpkin, quince pastes, orange jam, date paste, grape jam, hawthorn jam, citrus paste, strawberry jam, plum jam, pear compote, peach compote, carob molasses, apple compote, found in every home and They are delicious desserts that are served to the guests fondly.

With the influence of different cultures dating back to ancient times, Cypriot food reflects the mosaic of these cultures. Cypriots have managed to create their own unique, delicious food. The cooking and presentation of the food is very important for the Cypriot people. This is a culture and it reflects its unique character. For example, "Mulihiya" has become a national dish of Cypriots both for its preparation and its presentation. Mulihiya herbs are carefully selected, fresh or dried mulihiya is made with meat or pieces of chicken. It appeals to the taste of the Cypriot people. Those who know Northern Cyprus know this palate and the taste of the food well. You can only understand that potatoes are so delicious here. In addition, oven kebab is one of the main dishes offered. Almost every home has an oven in a corner of their garden. Village bread, oven kebab and various pastries are baked in this oven depending on its size. In addition, every restaurant that offers oven kebab must have an oven. At various times, families go to a restaurant that is miles away to taste the taste of this baked kebab.

Peach kebab, shish kebab, cubed kebab, meatball, oven kebab, meat and chicken doner, mulihiya, okra, chicken pasta, herse, false stuffed, stuffed meat, stuffed zucchini flower, spinach, eggplant and potato moussaka, beans, leek, Green beans, kolokas, grills and kebabs, pastries, fish varieties, soups and especially their “appetizers” with dozens of varieties constitute the rich menu of Cypriot cuisine. "Peach kebab" is a very delicious "special kebab" that people resemble with peach not in shape but because of its softness and beauty of taste. Hummus, tzatziki, tahini, brain salad, pickles, potato salad, samarella, yogurt salad, bacon, broad bean, tongue, salad, fried halloumi, Çakızdez and black olives, octopus, squid, gabbar and pickled celery, celery, hellish bun, All these delicious appetizers and kebabs such as artichoke, flower cabbage, coriander (coliandro) go well with Cyprus' beautiful local wine, fruit juices, brandy, zivaniya and raki.

Desserts, especially bread kadayif, samsi, bite, baked katmer, shammali, wire kadayif, şamish, soudjouk, bishi, paluze, golifa, bagel halva, rice pudding with noodles, pie with milk, cakes and home baklava are served after meals as well as after meals. can be eaten. Pirohu nor pastry, mushroom pastry, tatar pastry, donut, minced meat pie, pumpkin pie, spinach pie, halloumi bidda with olive, pilaf with tahini are the most beautiful and delicious names of pastries. There are many restaurants that serve local cuisine of Cyprus. Apart from these, there are also very good restaurants with ISO 22000 certification at world standards, which cook Italian, French, Chinese and Indian dishes.



In Cypriot homes, grandmothers teach their children and grandchildren a variety of dexterity. Lefkara is one of these things. It got this name because it was made and spread in Lefkara Village. These handicrafts, which were made for the public's own use in the past, are now produced and marketed as a touristic object in Cyprus, as in all tourism centers. The Silk Cocoon Work, which is seen as the most beautiful examples in Cyprus and is cut and processed in various patterns, is a valuable handicraft product. It is usually presented in a glass frame. Used as a wall decoration. It includes patterns, flowers, leaves and various motifs.

Unique products such as saddles, baskets, and sestas are produced by processing the stems, leaves and branches of some herbs, reeds and plants into thin strips. These products are used at home, and they are sold to tourists as a handicraft product, providing an income for their producers.

The most beautiful examples of handicrafts of Northern Cyprus are chests containing masterpieces of wood carving. These crates are produced in various sizes, generally from Cypress Tree. Skillful hands embroider various motifs, flowers, birds, leaves, geometric patterns with the delicacy of lace.

Folk Dances

kibris halk danslari

The Turkish Cypriot people also attach great importance to folk dances. These games, played at wedding ceremonies and various events, are active games played by male and female players together. TRNC Folk Dance Teams participating in International Folklore Festivals have won many awards

Theater and Performing Arts

kibris tiyatro

Shadow play, such as Karagöz and Hacivat, is the most important example of this art form from the time of the Ottoman Empire. The First Stage, the first Turkish Cypriot theater, was established in 1963, later renamed the State Theater in 1966. The Turkish Cypriot State Theater has staged various plays inside and outside the country. The plays performed by local and foreign theater groups in Cyprus are followed with interest. In the theater festival, many theater companies from the country and abroad add color to the cultural life of the island with various performances. Thanks to the social activities of the multinational students of the universities, an intensity is experienced in the artistic activities of the island.

In Northern Cyprus, a peaceful, calm and relaxing holiday country, the nightlife is very active, especially in discotheques, bars and nightclubs, which are concentrated on the beaches. In the venues where there are various Turkish, Indian, Chinese, French and Italian restaurants, you can have delicious meals accompanied by live music. In the summer, pleasant evenings are experienced in a romantic atmosphere in the restaurants and bars surrounding the ancient harbor of Kyrenia. In addition, the casinos of large hotels serve until the morning. Cruise boats departing from Kyrenia Harbor in the summer months are preferred because they offer both music, food and sea opportunities to tourists.

Folk Music and Turkish Classical Music


It is seen that Cyprus Turkish Folk Music is influenced by Anatolian Folk Music as well as its own developed local features. There are many folk songs.
Turkish Folk Music Group established by the state and private music groups actively contribute to Turkish Folk Music activities today.
Due to the important contributions of the state to Classical Turkish Music, there are many Classical Turkish Classical Music professionals today.
Turkish Classical Music concerts held at various times are in great demand by the public.

Fine Arts

kibris guzel sanatlar

His engagement with fine arts in the modern sense began in the middle of the 20th century. Thanks to the modernized education system, there has been a rapid development in art. TRNC's art and artists have taken their place in the international art scene.

Many artists successfully perform their activities in the international arena.

Cypriot artists excel in painting, sculpture, ceramics, music, photography, poetry, literature, caricature and film.

The state encourages its artists with awards in various branches every year.

Classic Music

kktc orkestra

State Symphony Orchestra and Choir was established in 1975. The symphony orchestra has traditional concerts. Music festivals are held in Cyprus during certain months of the year. Kyrenia is well ahead in this regard. Bellapais Monastery is a Classical Music Platform and hosts many international artists. Popular music is a style popular with young people.

Festivals are held on certain days of the year in Güzelyurt, Kyrenia, Famagusta, İskele and Nicosia. Local and foreign artists attend and color these festivals. Various art events are held in the congress, conference and concert halls of the touristic facilities, one more beautiful than the other.

Turkish Cypriot People carry their cultural and social heritage to the world through Media Organizations. Newspapers started to be published on the island in the middle of the 19th century. Besides the print media, radio in 1964 and Bayrak Radio Television were established in 1975. Today, there are many newspapers, magazines, private radio and television stations. Some televisions introduce and reflect Northern Cyprus to the whole world from satellite.

The island's life is active in terms of social activities. Underwater richness is the focus of attention of local and foreign divers. These clean coasts of the Mediterranean have rich underwater vegetation and fish species. The organizations that organize water dives offer scuba or tubeless diving possibilities for every taste and every depth. Rich water sports facilities are available. There are suitable camping areas and camping areas on all coasts.

Karting is one of the most important sports activities of the youth. Auto races, horse races, dog races are also held on certain days of the year. Golf courses, bowling halls, indoor or outdoor sports halls and swimming pools, miniature courses in Lefke and Esentepe serve those who want to do sports. Hunting is an important activity for the people of Northern Cyprus. During the hunting season, in all the hunting grounds on the island, the hunters, together with their helpers, hunt game animals such as partridges, rabbits, cikla and crows. In game centers, game animals are raised to be released to nature. Partridges living on the island may surprise you by wandering along the highways.

Nature & Wildlife

Located in the east of the island on the Karpaz peninsula and stretching for 2 km, the beach covered with golden sand is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Not only the beach, but also the sea, like the aquarium, is very beautiful and clear. It is possible to see the colorful fish with the naked eye. It is also possible to see the turtles visiting to spawn on the beaches.

The concept of an ownerless, nature-dwelling donkey might sound a little interesting. But they are so friendly and tame that you quickly get used to them. In general, the Dipkarpaz village area is famous for its donkeys, but the donkeys that try to pay tribute to you are the most common in St. You can find it on the Andreas Church road. Taking advantage of tourists passing by this road, donkeys are waiting in groups on the road and blocking your car. When you open the car window and start giving food, it is possible to capture very entertaining and funny photo frames. If you want, you can stop by a store yourself and buy some vegetables. Carrot, cucumber and lettuce favorites.


Cyprus beaches are the natural spawning ground for turtles. Especially Alagadi, Altınkum and Ronnas Beach are important spawning areas. You can observe the turtles that come to spawn in June and July, and the hatchlings that come out of the eggs in August. If photography is one of your hobbies, turtles' hatching moment is a very special and beautiful pose.

If you want to see 1000-year-old olive trees, I recommend you to visit Güzelyurt Kalkanlı region. There are approximately 2000 olive trees under protection in the region. According to some scientists, the olive tree spread to the Mediterranean from Cyprus.


Places to Visit

The ancient city of Salamis was founded by Tefkros in the Bronze Age located to the north of Gazimağusa. The earliest findings at the ancient city date back to 11th century BC. The Salamis Ancient City was discovered with excavations carried out between 1952-1974 and is one of North Cyprus’ most important sites to visit. The ruins of the gymnasium, the baths, the forum and the agora which one can see whilst visiting the ancient city are all from the Roman Period.

Situated next to the Kyrenia Harbour, the Kyrenia Castle is a complicated mixture of building styles worth visiting in North Cyprus. Behind the venetian castle walls you will find chruch of St George, royal apartments, byzantie chappel or French dungeons. The ship in the Shipwreck museum is estimated to have sunk around 300BC and is, to date, the oldest ship ever to be recoverd from the seabed.


The first modern marina in North Cyprus, Karpaz Gate Marina offers a luxurious experience in a unique, unspoilt location. The 5 Gold Anchor-rated marina has been designed to specifically cater for superyachts, offering premier leisure and technical facilities. There are plenty of incentives to stay on-site at the marina and take advantage of the restaurant and outlets along the Promenade.

The Medieval Bellapais Abbey is located at the foot of the Beşparmak (Five Finger) Mountains to the east of Girne where it fascinates visiting tourists from all over the world with its unique gothic styled architecture and astonishing scenery. The world famous English author Lawrence Durell, who wrote his book the “Bitter Lemons” whilst living in Bellapais Village between 1953-1956, constantly mentioned his admiration for the abbey. The house in which he lived in next to the abbey, also attracts many visitors.


The wonderful Golden Beach is one of the Mediterranean Sea’s virgin beaches; it stretches 2 km along the Karpaz Peninsula with its clear blue water and golden sandy shoreline. All along Golden Beach you will have the captivating opportunity of walking bare footed for kilometres and refreshing yourself by taking a dive into the cool blue waters.

Located within Kyrenia Castle, the Shipwreck Museum displays a cargo boat which sank just off Kyrenia some 2300 years ago. It was discovered by a local sponge diver over 30 metres down in 1965, and was salvaged between 1967 and 1969 by marine archaeologists from the Pennsylvania University. It is the oldest shipwreck known, and carbon 14 dating indicates it was built in 389BC, around the time of Alexander the Great.


St. Hilarion Castle is one of the three castles set upon the Beşparmak (Five-Finger) Mountains and is located towards the west of the mountains at a height of 700 meters from sea level. In the 10th century a monastery and a church were added to the castle, which was named after a saint who migrated from Jerusalem to Cyprus and spent the last years of his life praying there. It is said that, the famous Walt Disney was also inspired by the St. Hilarion Castle and that the location of the renowned cartoon “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was based in this Castle.

It is not only Nicosia’s, but one of the island’s most important Ottoman works of architecture. It was built between 1572-1579 as a two storied, square planned building with Bursa’s Koza Khan taken as an example. The Khan consists of a total of 68 rooms, where the rooms on the ground floor were used as shops of commerce and the rooms on the top floor were used as hotel rooms. The building is now used as an entertainment and travelling centre where handcrafts and souvenirs are sold.


Kyrenia, with its picturesque harbour and adjacent castle is called the “Jewel of Cyprus”. It is simply exquisite! The horseshoe shaped historical Kyrenia Harbour, which was built at the centre of the city, is most definitely one of the first places to visit in Kyrenia. The colourful fishing boats and yachts anchored at the harbour make it a favourite attraction for locals as well tourists to visit. The harbour is surrounded by restaurants and bars that have been developed from buildings that were once Venetian dwellings or carob warehouses.

The Karpaz Peninsula or “panhandle” as the British called the north-east part of Cyprus is a land where time stands still. There are miles of sandy Karpaz beaches with not a person in site. Ancient towns, basilicas, ruins and tombs scatter the area waiting to be explored. Situated at the tip of the peninsula is Apostolos Andreas Monastery, dedicated to St Andrew, the miracle worker. Karpaz is also know for its wildlife including wild donkeys.


Glapsides Beach in Famagusta has everything you could want from a beach. It has white sand, crystal clear waters and a coastline that extends kilometers away. The beach is open to the public, and there is a restaurant, pedal boats, jet skis, pedaloes, deck chairs and showers. The beach restaurant and bar is lively, with a resident dj. It's also a great place to bring the kids, as the water is shallow and the sea calm.

Mavi Köşk (Blue Mansion) was built in 1973 by Byron Pavlides, a Greek Cypriot entrepreneur and man of great mystery. The villa has 16 rooms on two floors and represents a mixture of Greek, Italian, Turkish and Eastern Mediterranean styles. It was built using the most up to date building techniques at the time. In fact, there are several secret tunnels leading from the house to a bunker. What make sıt so ınterestıng are the myths and secrets about the the property and its rooms.


Famagusta is a beautiful characteristic Mediterranean town with a rich history and its old and modern buildings. It is superbly ideal for a sightseeing tour. Once through the imposing gateway of the old walled city of Famagusta you leave behind the hustle of the modern commercial city and enter an open air museum. The jewel here is the old St Nicholas Cathedral which is still in use today as the Mustafa Pasa Mosque. Lusignan kings were crowned here in absentia as kings of Jerusalem after they had been crowned as kings of Cyprus in Nicosia. The thick, heavy Venetian walls of the Old City offer ramparts for walking, especially the section looking seaward surrounding the Sea Gate. St Mark’s lion, the statue near the Sea Gate, leaves no doubt of the Venetian presence and Othello’s Tower nearby owes its name to Shakespeare. Amongst historical buldings you will find a pedestrianized shopping street in the heart of the city to serve your needs and a good number of cafés and restaurants.

The Kantara Castle is the easternmost of the castles situated on the Girne Mountains, at a height of 700 meters from sea level. The castle has a strategic advantage, as it overlooks the northern shoreline, the Mesarya Plains and the Karpaz Peninsula. Although the upper floors were removed hundreds of years ago, there are still the lower rooms of the guard house, Castellan’s apartments, barrack rooms and on the western side of the castle there are vast storerooms and deep cisterns. Following the line of the perimeter walls will reveal scant remains of further dwellings and there are breathtaking views at every turn. Not to be missed is the north east tower, that contains a long room, equipped with tall arrow slits that permitted archers armed with longbows to fire on the enemy below and yet remain relatively protected themselves. A walk around Kantara should not be hurried for this is the castle of a hundred and one rooms, and according to legend anyone who finds the 101st will enter Paradise!


The Saint Barnabas Monastery is located near Tuzla Village, Famagusta. Barnabas lived in ancient Salamis, and he preached the gospel message throughout Cyprus, particularly in Salamis around 45 AD. In 477, a monastery, financed by Byzantine Emperor Zeno, was built near the apostle Barnabas' grave, which is situated on the western end of the Salamis Necropolis and near the Royal Tombs. Two centuries after the Saint Barnabas Monastery was built, it was destroyed during a raid, and only the foundation of the original building still remains. The St. Barnabas Monastery that is on site today is from the 1750’s. Today, the Saint Barnabas Monastery serves as a historical site with two museums: Archaeological Museum and Icon Museum. The Archaeological Museum focuses on ancient artifacts from throughout the region, particularly from the Salamis Archaeological Site.The Icon Museum includes various icons, particularly from the 18th century, gathered from the village churches throughout the Famagusta district, as well as from the Saint Barnabas Monastery.

The dungeon is situated in the courtyard of the Venetian Palace and has been constructed with ashlar. Namik Kemal, playwright and poet, stayed in this building for 38 months during his exile in Cyprus because of a play he had written criticizing the Ottoman rulers. The ground floor has a door opening to the courtyard of the palace and a window with grating. A steep ashlar staircase leads to the room on the upper floor in which documents belonging to Namik Kemal are being exhibited. This room has two windows.


What to do in North Cyprus?



Due to its mild climate, Cyprus is a suitable site for the sport of golf to be played all year round. Top quality facilities which have recently been built increase the attraction to the sport on the island. Especially, the Korineum Golf & Country Club has been the Med’s natural golf paradise since the Grand Opening in April 2007. The 18 hole championship golf course is a dynamic 6,232 metres, 72 par gem designed for golfers of all standards and ages. The unique design enables the golfers to enjoy mountain and seas view from each hole making it a breathtaking experience and also a golfing challenge that golfers want to experience over and over again.

Kuş Gözlemciliği


The unspoilt landscape and location along a prime migratory route make North Cyprus the ideal destination for enthusiasts wishing to observe rare birds in their natural habitat. In North Cyprus, birdwatching is becoming a popular pastime. The eastern Mediterranean has long been known as a crossroads for species of bird on their long-distance travels. Relatively isolated and less developed than many of its counterparts, North Cyprus attracts considerable numbers of passing migratory birds and the largely unspoilt Karpaz Peninsula, a national park, is prime twitcher territory. Species commonly spotted include the endemic Cyprus Pied Wheatear and Cyprus Warbler. You will typically come across a wide array of birds, both migrant and resident.


Tüplü Daliş


For those who enjoy scuba diving, North Cyprus is an excellent choice, boasting warm waters, excellent visibility, as well as numerous fascinating dive sites to explore. Crystal-clear, unpolluted waters mean visibility extends as far as 30 metres. The waters are warm enough too to be suitable for diving all year round. Whether you are a complete beginner or an expert when it comes to scuba diving, North Cyprus boasts sites to suit all levels of experience. North Cyprus's scuba diving site highlights include the 'Antique Shop' a cove littered with the remains of ancient amphora; and Zeyko, a 14-metre underwater mountain.



The Buyukkonuk Eco-Tourism Association extends a warm welcome to everyone who visits their village. In the Eco-Tourism Visitor Centre there is always someone to give advice or explain how village crafts are made. These crafts may encompass bread making, weaving, basket making etc. Woodworking, using the natural resources that are sustainable, for example olive wood that is a by-product of the tree when it is regularly pruned, cheese making and some of the delicious dishes that are part of truly Cypriot cuisine, dishes that are so often cooked in the large clay ovens to be found in the gardens of most village houses. Recipes that have been handed down through generations and are not to be found in town restaurants. There are activity days when demonstrations are given on bread and cheese making


Doğa Yürüyüşü


With rugged coastlines stretching for more than a hundred miles, towering mountain peaks, untouched terrains and an average of three hundred and fourty days of sunshine a year, North Cyprus is a trekker's paradise! Cyprus’ unique and mild climate provides the possibility for trekking all throughout the year. Whilst trekking along the many paths prepared along the Beşparmak (Five Finger) Mountains you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature as well as stumbling upon historical treasures such as St. Hilarion Castle which pop out of the natural environment as if they spring out of story books. Unearth charming villages, historical sites and panoramic views that will take your breath away.

Go Kart


Feeling the need for speed? Whether you are young or old, you can enjoy the thrill of karting courses in Northern Cyprus. The single-engine vehicle can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h and can take corners far more effectively than a regular car, because they are so close to the ground.Zet Karting go-kart track located on the outskirts of Nicosia is where you can test your driving skills properly. This top quality race track parade is the largest in North Cyprus, 1200 meters long with a width of 7 meters. Tazkarts go-kart track located east of Kyrenia and has a track covering 350 meters, so it’s a perfect track if you are with a young family. Furthermore, Max Power go-kart is fir those who want to feel the adrenaline in Famagusta.


Kuzey Kıbrıs Casino


For those who would like to try their luck under the dazzling array of lights, North Cyprus has the finest of top quality casinos legally operating live, just as in countries such as USA, Germany, China and Australia. Arkin Palm Beach, Artemis, Merit Hotels, Elexus, Cratos, Nuhun Gemisi and Golden Tulip are only few of the hotels here in Cyprus that have excuisite casinos.



Stalk your opponents through the North Cyprus landscape, then splat them with your paintball, and grab the flag to win! Fun for all the family. North Cyprus is a great place to experience the thrill of paintball for the first time, amongst stunning scenery and greenery. Places to play are: Paint Zone (Nicosia), Paint Ball Bar (Famagusta), The Sunset Club (Kyrenia), PaintBall Cyprus (Nicosia) and Haskar Paintball (Morphou).


Kuzey Kıbrıs Diskolar


Living in or visiting North Cyprus you’ll probably be pleased to know that there is plenty of nightlife available. We assure you, if you are a dancing queen, there is a wealth of night-time activity to keep you occupied. One of the most popular ones is Escape Beach Club in Alsancak. Others worth mentioning are Cage Club, Escape, Tango to Buddha, Barcode (in Kyrenia), Club 27 and Kybele (in Famagusta).



North Cyprus has a pretty large festival scene. You can attend village festivals that play on the particular speciality that the village lends its name to, or you can feast on the international music and culture festivals at some of the great historical venues in North Cyprus. The Olive Festival in Zeytinlik, Büyükkonuk Eco-festival, the International Bellapais Music Festival, International Famagusta Art & Culture Festival and EMU Spring Fest are few of the ones to look out for.


Bar & Publar


There are at least as many bars and pubs in Northern Cyprus as there are restaurants – which should tell you that there is a wide choice available to keep everyone happy whatever their own personal pub or bar preference. Cadi Kazani Café Bar, Narnia, Paddys Irish Restaurant and Pub, Zephyr (in Nicosia), Shamrock, Monks Inn, De Molay (in Famagusta), Cream Bar, Ego Bar, Tunnel and many other bars at or around the harbour (in Kyrenia).



Cinemas in North Cyprus present recently released films, and the repertoire is usually changed every week. All the movie theatres are equipped according to the modern technologies, providing image and sound of high quality. Most of the cinemas have several halls to present several movies at one time. Lemar and Galleria cinemas can be found in Nicosia, Famagusta and Kyrenia.


Dining ~ food, drinks and coffee of course

You will be pleased to know that when eating out in North Cyprus there are a broad range of choices available in terms of cuisine and restaurant types. Hotels offering a vast array of exquisite style menus, traditional Turkish Cypriot restaurants providing the best of Cypriot cuisine, quality eateries providing European and International dining, family restaurants to dine out with your kids, à la carte venues offering fine wines and excellent quality meals, fast food eateries - you name it.

Just like the variety of eateries, there are also numerous cafes and coffeeshops available in North Cyprus. Coffee is an essentail part of life for Cypriot's so we couldn't go without mention.


If you want to taste the best food and spend pleasant hours in a pleasant ambience; First class restaurants of Kyrenia will be the right choice.

girne restoran ve kafe rehberi dragon restaurant

  • Efendi Restaurant Bar: Efendi Restaurant Bar, which can offer a fascinating feast of taste with its Mediterranean, European and International cuisine portfolio, has a certificate of excellence on platforms such as Tripadvisor; It should be one of your first choices if you want to have a first class experience.

  • Bellapais Garden Restaurant: Another first class restaurant with its wonderful garden where you can have a romantic dinner and enjoyable hours; Bellapais Garden Restaurant located in the Center of Kyrenia.

  • The Dragon: If you want to discover different tastes and cultures, The Dragon is one of the great places you can visit in Kyrenia with its portfolio of Asian and Chinese cuisine. Most of the guests who go say that it is one of the few Asian restaurants not only in Cyprus but also in the world thanks to its flavor.


The second part of our Kyrenia restaurant and cafe guide article is about restaurants serving local cuisine.

girne restoran ve kafe rehberi archway restaurant

  • Azure: Offering a rich portfolio of Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine, Azure is one of the most intimate and warm places in Kyrenia. We strongly recommend you to taste the appetizers at Azure, located on Efeler Street.

  • Archway Restaurant: Archway Restaurant, located on Dereboyu street, is one of the most beautiful places in Kyrenia. If you want to discover the local flavors of Cyprus, we recommend you to visit this restaurant and taste the peach kebab.

  • İkimiz Restaurant: Would you like to have a very rich breakfast? So, for a breakfast full of local tastes of Cyprus, be sure to visit İkimiz Restaurant. Potato patties are one of the most special items of the breakfast.


In North Cyprus, moderately priced cafes and restaurants can provide very good service considering the price performance ratio. Below we have presented a few of them for you.

girne restoran ve kafe rehberi whiskey joes bar kyrenia

  • Grida Balık Restaurant: If you want to eat fish that is both economical and quite good in Cyprus, you should definitely visit Grida Fish Restaurant, which is a boutique establishment.

  • The Kyrenia Tavern: Located in the Turkmen street area of Kyrenia, The Kyrenia Tavern is a peaceful place in the middle of green. Especially in the name of night entertainment, it is one of the places you should definitely visit.

  • Whiskey Joe’s Bar Kyrenia: Whiskey Joe's Bar Kyrenia, located on the back streets of Kyrenia harbor, draws attention with its friendly and pleasant atmosphere as well as its affordable prices.


We conclude our Kyrenia restaurant and cafe guide article by offering places for those who want to have a rich breakfast with both traditional tastes of Cyprus and organic products.

girne restoran ve kafe rehberi ezic peanuts

  • Ezic Peanuts: Located on Karakız Street, Ezic Peanuts is the choice of those who want to have a breakfast with a sea view. We recommend you to visit this place with its clean, decent, economical and rich breakfast..

  • Cafe George: Cafe George, which serves every hour from breakfast to night entertainment, is especially famous for its breakfasts.


Eziç Peanuts Eziç Peanuts - Girne A Variety of Dining Types and Drinks
Ambiance Restoran Ambiance Restaurant - Cypriot and International Cuisine
Costa Coffee Costa Coffee - Famagusta, Coffee / Festive Sweets / Savoury Food
Petek Pastahanesi Petek Pastry Shops - Famagusta & Iskele ~ Traditional Sweets / Pastry / Food / Drinks
Rouge 21 Rouge 21 - Famagusta ~ International Cuisine / Drinks
Robert's Coffee Robert's Coffee - Famagusta ~ International Franchise Coffeeshop
HürDeniz Balık Restoranı HürDeniz Fish Restaurant - Kyrenia ~ Fish Restaurant
İnciraltı Restoranı İnciraltı Meze Restaurant - Famagusta ~ Traditional Cypriot Cuisine / Tavern
Mardo Mardo Ice Cream - Famagusta ~ Ice Cream / Sweets & Cakes
The Palm House The Palm House Cafe & Restaurant - Famagusta ~ Traditional Cypriot Cuisine
Aralık Sonu Ocakbaşı Aralık Sonu Ocakbaşı - Famagusta ~ Traditional Cypriot Cuisine / Tavern
Coffeemania Coffeemania - Famagusta ~ International Franchise Restaurant
Salamis Çin Restoranı Salamis Chinese Restaurant - Famagusta ~ Chinese Cuisine
Aspava Restoranı Aspava Restaurant & Bar- Famagusta ~ Cypriot Cuisine / Tavern
David People David People - Famagusta ~ Food / Coffee

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North Cyprus Guide

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Eastern Mediterranean, after Sicily and Sardinia. 70 km North to Turkey, 100 km East to neighbour Syria, 370 km South to Egypt, 950 km NorthWest to Greece and 170 km SouthEast to Lebanon and Israel. The surface area of ​​Cyprus is 9251 km2. North Cyprus is 3355 km2. Southern Cyprus is 5896 km2.

Between 1963 and 1974, the rift between them has become a war because of the cultural differences of the Turkish and Greek communities. After the military intervention of Turkey, in 1974 Cyprus was divided into two independent states. On the North is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and on the South is the Greek Cypriot Administration.

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Smaller than Sicily and Sardinia, but bigger than Corsica and Crete. The whole area of ​​the island is 3,584 square miles (9,250 square kilometers).

With the military intervention of Turkey called "Peace Operation" and the result of social conflicts and wars that lasted for 11 years between 1963 and 1974. Turkish and Greek Cypriot communities constituting 96% of the island population and is divided into two independent states. The Greek Cypriot administration, which dominates the Northern part of Cyprus and the Southern part of the Turkish Republic, is separated from each other by the border that passes through the center of the capital Nicosia, known as the "Green Line".

North Cyprus

Established; 15/11/1983

Capital city: Nicosia

Area: 3,355 km2

Population: 326.000

It is known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Geographical Regions

Cyprus has been divided into north and south after 1974. Now the Turkish Cypriots live in the north of the island, and the Greek Cypriots live in the south of the island. A boundary known as the "Green Line" separates Nicosia, which is the capital of both regions, separates the two states from each other.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is about 160 km long and the largest region is 65 km. Its total surface area is 3,550 km (1,357 square miles) and this is about 36% of the whole island. Northern Cyprus is divided into five provinces as an administration. (Nicosia, Famagusta, Girne, Güzelyurt, and Iskele.) There are six main settlements: Nicosia, Famagusta, Girne, Güzelyurt, Lefke and Iskele. Nicosia is the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


There is a typical Mediterranean climate in Cyprus. The summers (June to September) are dry and hot, and the winters (from November to March) are generally rainy and warm. The spring and autumn seasons are warm and funny. The average annual temperature is 20 ° C (68 ° F). The average temperature in summer is 30 ° C (90 ° F) and in the coldest months (January and February) is 10 ° C (50 ° F).


The population of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is approximately 200,000 according to the 1997 census. 55 per cent of the population lives in cities.

Vegetation ; Flora & Faura

In Cyprus, nature wakes up in November, after the first rain. Lands are covered with a green vegetation. Red lilies, yellow daisies and cyclamen.

Passport and Visa

Visitors can enter North Cyprus with any passport. A maximum of 3 months visa is issued at the entrance. For the extension of the tuition, you can apply to the TRNC Immigration Office. Children up to the age of 16 can enter their parents' passport.


There is no requirement to be vaccinated.


There is no customs application for tourists' personal items and food items coming to North Cyprus. Tourists can bring together 400 cigarettes tobacco or cigars and a bottle of alcoholic beverages and perfumes. It is forbidden to remove archaeological and historical artifacts from the TRNC.


In the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the official language is Turkish. But English is also widely understood and spoken.


In the TRNC, there a many five-star Hotels, Hotel-Apartments, Holiday Villages, Camping areas, and pensions. Most of the tourist facilities are concentrated in Girne and Famagusta, to bare in mind that Karpaz is developing very rapidly.

You have the opportunity to choose European standards of 5, 4 and 3 star hotels. There are also hostels and inns in various areas. In addition, rented villas can also be found in typical Cyprus villages.


Between May and October, TRNC with average sea water temperature of 24C has access to facilities such as umbrella with sunbeds, restaurants, cafes, bars. Followed by attractions such as water slides, Banana, Ringo, Jet-ski, Parachute, Surf, etc. which are always available.

Bazaar and Shopping

In the Northern Cyprus market, you can find the European Union and local merchandise as well as the unique handcrafts of Cyprus in TL. . The sellers are welcoming and always make shopping very enjoyable. Souvenir shops sell copper, silver and bronze items. Turkish dolls, stringy and backgammon sets can be found easily. Gold jewelery, leather clothes and fabrics are sold at very cheap prices. The prices are usually fixed and there is no bargain. The vast majority of stores are open between 8:00 - 13:00 and 15:30 - 20:00. Unlike other Mediterranean countries, non-ceramic handicrafts and handicrafts are sold in private stores.

Night life

Ideal for a calm and relaxing holiday, Northern Cyprus is not very active, but there are few restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the coastal towns,
with plenty of restaurants, including Indian, Chinese, French and Italian restaurants. During summertime, you can spend pleasant evenings in a romantic atmosphere in the restaurants
and bars surrounding Girne harbor. Many great restaurants organize live music and entertainment nights in the season. Besides, big hotels are open for the gambling enthusiasts.


During the summer season (May - October), museum opening hours can differ. We recommend that you apply to the Department of Mills and Antiquities (00-90-392-227 2916) for
information. In winter, museum opening hours are: 9: 00-13: 00 and 14: 00-16: 45. Museums are closed on official holidays.

Emergency Numbers

  • Forest Fire - 177

  • Police Response - 155

  • Emergency Service - 112

  • Hospital - 366 5328

  • Fire - 199

  • Electricity - 366 5514

Traffic and Local Transportation

The flow of traffic in Cyprus is over left as it is in the UK. Traffic signs are international. The roads are safe and in good condition. Vehicles arriving on the island must have a valid
insurance in Northern Cyprus. If there is no other sign, the saloon vehicles are 100km / h. Speed 100 mlt when driving. You can not drink drive and it's necessary to wear a seat belt.
Taxi rides are affordable and bus services are always regular during the day. Trips are reduced after 17:00 and on weekends. Urban public transport is irregular.

Car Rentals

Rental car prices are quite affordable. International driving license is sufficient for renting a car.


All parts of the world can be contacted by telephone, telex, fax and internet.

Dialing from countries other than Turkey (00 90 392) and Turkey (0 392), dial the 7 digit local telephone number. (City codes: Girne 81, Famagusta 36, ​​Nicosia 22).

UK from North Cyprus 00 44 + (UK number) and Turkey from normal cities (eg Ankara; 0 312-xxxxxxx)


The official currency in Northern Cyprus is the Turkish Lira (TL). There is no restriction on the amount of foreign currency brought into the country.

British Punds, US Dollar and German Mark and traveler's checks are generally accepted by banks, hotels and foreign exchange bureaus. Most credit cards are accepted in the hotels,

in some restaurants and shops, and it is possible to withdraw money by credit card. Prices in Northern Cyprus are advantageous compared to tourists from Europe.

Working hours

Government Offices

Summer (May-October)

Monday: 07:30 to 14:00, 15:30 to 18:00

Tuesday-Friday: 07: 30-14: 00

Winter (October-May)

Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 13:00, 14:00 to 17:00


Summer: 8: 00-12: 00

Winter: 8:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:00


220 / 240Volts A / C is used. Electrical plugs are in British standard.


Airline: UK and other European countries have frequent and regular charter flights to Northern Cyprus. In summer, Northern Cyprus Ercan Airport has more than 60 flights a week.

London has 15 flights per week from Stanstead, Gatwick and Heathrow airports. Most planes arrive in Northern Cyprus in the evening. North Cyprus has direct flights only from Turkey.

All other flights are provided via Turkey. You can reach North Cyprus directly from Turkey, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Adana, Dalaman and Antalya.

Sea route: There are ferry services to Famagusta from Mersin (Turkey) for three days a week throughout the year. There is also regular ferry service between Taşucu (Turkey) and

Girne all the year round. In the peak seasons new ferry services are planned from Alanya, Antalya and Anamur (Turkey) to Girne. It is advisable to distinguish your pre-departure places.

Turkish Airlines:

Nicosia: 392 22 71 06
Ankara: 312 419 28 00/15 line
London: 44 171 499 44 99

Istanbul Airlines:

Nicosia: 392 22 83 140
İstanbul: 212 509 2121/9 hat
London: 44 181 688 75 55

Tourist Information:


Fevzi Cakmak Caddesi, Tel: 36 62864


Selçuklu Caddesi Tel: 22 81057


Kordonboyu Tel: 81 52145

Ercan Airport

Terminal Building Tel: 23 14703

Official Holidays

  • January 1, New Year

  • April 23, National Sovereignty and Children's Day

  • May 1, Labor Day

  • May 19, Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day

  • July 20, Feast of Peace and Freedom

  • August 1, Holiday of the Social Resistance

  • 30th of August Victory Day

  • October 29, Republic Day

  • 15 November, Republic Day on the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Tradition, Customs and Quantities

Traditions, customs and customs in the society are the most beautifully reflected and emerged environments for various ceremonies and celebration days. These include weddings, circumcision ceremonies, feast ceremonies, childbirth, and the start of the children's school. One of the characteristics of the Turkish Cypriot community is the "Guest Hospitality" style.

This is a reflection of the traditional Turkish hospitality known throughout the world. When it comes to catering, it is always desirable to give priority to the elderly. The Cypriot people always gave priority to treats, and besides this, sherbet was also preferred. Among these were honey, rose, sugar, carob and paste slips. Putty made from various fruits is also a  different taste.

Folk Dances

The Turkish Cypriot people play folk dances at various events (such as weddings, henna nights, raising crops). These dances are usually played in the order of Meetings, Handkerchiefs, Zeybekler, Women's Games, Dramatize Games and Butcher Games. Meetings are grouped as "Women and Men Meetings". Women's play t is usually heavier. 

The receptions consist of four parts and have four separate rhythms. Handkerchief games or sirtolar; Medium speed, cheerful and manly figures. Mainly as sirtolar; Sagittarius,  Sagittarius, Karagoz sirtosu, henna sirtosi.

Traditional Handcrafts

Yemeniler; In the past, the use of yemeni was very common, revealing the richness of the women's world with various ornaments. Yemen used in Cyprus are generally in the form of a square; Only the edges are decorated with motifs, the interior is left plain. Then branches and flower motifs were printed on the yemeni. Today, yemeni tradition as a scarf in the modern sense is maintained on another plane.

Lefkara; Lefkara is one of the most important local crafts in Cyprus. Lefkara is divided into two groups; "Lefkara on linen" and "Lefkara on needle". A pillow is used during the process of both. While Lefkara is made for the people's own use in the past periods, the latter is made for commercial purposes and today especially in the context of tourist handicrafts.

Silk Work; Silk bugs are processed products from beans.

Herbal Knitting; It is the work of evaluation in various forms after turning some of the spontaneously cultivated or cultivated plants into thin strips by cutting their leaves, their thin branches as if they were the same. The most common places in Cyprus are Mesaria and Karpaz.

Cyprus Cuisine

Reflecting the common characteristics of the Mediterranean and Turkish cuisines, the Cyprus cuisine also has its own traditional meals and mezes. Throughout history, Cypriots have
managed to create delicious food. Every meal has its own unique flavor, your cooking and presentation reflects the personality of Cyprus. Although 'Molohiya' is an original dish of
Arabic, its preparation appeals to the taste of Cyprus with its taste and presentation. The name, preparation and taste of some dishes vary from region to region. North Cyprus is a
frequent destination for those who enjoy taste. Various vegetable dishes, grills, pastries, fish, soups, kebabs, lahmacun and pides are just some of the Cyprus cuisine. Many appetizers
can be eaten as a type, sweet, cakes, snack or after main course. Apart from the local cuisine, you can taste Chinese, Italian, French and Indian food in many restaurants.


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